Small Group Training &
Personal Training

At the Sarpy Community YMCA, we’re here to get you feeling your best. We understand that can require some extra help. Check out our training programs built to get you in shape and feeling great.

Session Dates: July 2 – Aug 3 (5 Week Session)
Mon/Wed 6:30am with Adam
Tue/Thu 9am with Allyssa
Member: $120 Non member: $150

Small Group 30 minutes 2 times per week
*Starts week fo July 9*
Session Dates: July 9- Aug 3
Mon/Wed HIIT 9am with Tammy
Tue/Thu HIIT 5pm with Tammy
Tue/Thu Strong Lifts 6pm with Tammy
Member: $56 Non member: $72

Personal Training-

Whether you are new to exercise or tired of the same boring routine, one of our personal trainers can help you. We offer a variety of packages ranging from 30-minute to 60-minute sessions.

An individual fitness assessment is included with each initial session, by appointment only. Please contact Allyssa Schamp for personal training questions or services at 402-339-9861 or


Individual Training – 60 minute session 

1 session$55/session$55 total
4 sessions$53/session$215 total
8 sessions$50/session$400 total
12 sessions$45/session$540 total
24 session$40/session$960 total

Individual Training – 30 minute session

1 session$30/session$30 total
4 sessions$28.75/session$115 total
8 sessions$26.25/session$210 total
12 sessions$23.75/session$285 total
24 sessions$23/session$552

Tandem Training – 2 person training – 60 minute session

prices are per person

1 session$28/session$28 total
4 sessions$27/session$108 total
8 sessions$26.25/session$210 total
12 sessions$23.75/session$285 total
24 sessions$23/session$552 total

Tandem Training – 2 person training – 30 minute session 

prices are per person

1 session$14/session$14 total
4 sessions$13/session$52 total
8 sessions$12/session$96 total
12 sessions$10/session$120 total
24 session$9/session$216

The Y offers personal trainers who are professionals with degrees and/or national certifications. These trainers are capable of designing programs for preventative health care, rehabilitation or those dealing with high-risk medical factors. They will design fitness programs specifically for you and help keep you accountable and motivated.

InBody 520 Assessments

The InBody520 analyzer provides essential data for monitoring body composition. Because it distinguishes between body fat and muscle mass, you can better understand and monitor how diet, lifestyle, exercise and other programs have influenced body composition.

Member: $20 Non member: $35

To schedule your InBody assessment, speak with a personal trainer or contact Allyssa Schamp at